N150 X 20 Times = N3,000 ( Within Seven Days )

N150 X 400 Times = N60,000 ( Within Thirty Days )

100% Guarantee

All Work Automatically Done For You By Our Team

You Are Not Going To Advertise Anything

You Are Not Going To Refer / Sponsor Anyone

All You Need Are

N500 ( One Time Payment )

A Facebook Account

Our Team will be working for you and get you paid this week. We will get you registered on 400NairaClub, get you activated and make sure you get paid at least : 


Within Seven Days ( One Week )



Within Thirty Days ( One Month )

All we have to do is attract and register Twenty ( 20 ) People on 400NairaClub using your Sponsoring Link. Each person we register with your sponsoring link will get you paid N150.

        For The Twenty People

You Will Be Paid

N150 X 20 = N3,000

You are going to get this within One Week. We will make sure of it.

After you have received your N3,000, we will then start working for the Twenty People attracted to use your link to register on 400NairaClub.

We are going to get them their own Twenty People. Each of them will get paid N3,000 for the Twenty People given to them and you under whom the Twenty People are placed will get paid N60,000.

         This Means :

You Will Receive – N60,000


Each Of The Twenty People We Used Your Link To First Register

Will Receive – N3,000

   When we have generated N60,000 for you, we will start working on getting you paid N100 X 8000 Times = N80,000

This Money Will Be Generated For You Within Four Months.


   All We Need From You & All Those We Attract Are :


A Facebook Account.


                 N400 is the Entry Fee for 400NairaClub

                 N100 is to cover Bank Transaction Fee.

We are going to register you, pay for you through Online Transfer and get in touch with one of the 400NairaClub Admin to activate your account immediately so that we can start working on getting you paid on time.

But if you are not comfortable with us getting you registered, you can ask us to send the link you can use for the 400NairaClub Registration. You have to use Our Team’s link to be consider a member of Our Team and be helped make money from the program.


We Have Tools We Are Using To Attract People From :





Google Plus



We have used the Tools to easily attract thousands of people to programs like HelpingHands International, Global Helpers Alliance, FourCorners Alliance, PerfectMatrixCash, SimpleCycler and others.

We are also using them to help people attract downlines for other programs they are involved with or joined.

We are also Advertising the program offline using Flyers and Posters. We are visiting Universities and Polytechnics to hold Seminars and attract people from there.

       If you are a member of other Programs and in need of downlines, you can request Our Team to help you use the Tools to attract downlines for the programs. This will be free but you must first join Our Team on 400NairaClub.


Multiple Accounts

 You can go for Multiple Accounts on 400NairaClub if you love and can afford it. There is no rule against having multiple Account. Multiple Accounts will give you Multiple Earnings.

      For Having Two Accounts

      We Will Get You Paid : 

                                                             N3,000 X 2 = N6,000

                                                             N60,000 X 2 = N120,000

                                                             N800,000 X 2 = N1,600,000

For Ten Accounts

                                                            N3,000 X 10 = N30,000

                                                            N60,000 X 10 = N600,000

                                                            N800,000 X 10 = N8,000,000.


Join Our Team Today


Let’s Start Generating Money For You Online


This is a good opportunity to make easy money online.


You Are Not Going To Advertise Anything

You Are Not Going To Be Sponsoring Anyone

   All Work Needed Will Be Handled By Our Team.

Maximum of Seven Days

Is All You Need To Wait For To First Receive

                         At Least – N3,000

                              And Then

Thirty Days

                               To Receive

                             At Least – N60,000


Four Months

               To Receive



On 400NairaClub With The Help Of Our Team

     N500 ( One Time Payment )

    Will Get You Paid



A Lot Of People Are Joining Us Everyday Because :

i. Cost is N500 ( One Time Payment )

This is Affordable for Everyone

ii. Our Team is ready to handle all work needed to get paid for everyone

You don’t need to advertise

You don’t need to Sponsor Anyone

                A lot of people don’t know how to advertise and sponsor new members to programs. They will be happy to have a team get that done for them. The fact we are doing that is attracting lot of people to us.

iii. We are ready to help everyone that joined us advertise and attract downlines for their other programs for free.

iv. You don’t have to wait for Weeks, Months to start getting paid. Expect your first payment within Seven Days ( One Week ). Expect nothing less than N3,000 as first payment.

V. Total Money you will get paid is – N863,000.

You will be using N500 to receive – N863,000.

This Is The Opportunity You Need To Start Making Easy Money Online.


What To Do If You Are Ready To Join Us

You need to first pay the Entry Fee which is – N500

( If you want to go for Multiple Account,

multiply N500 with The Number of Accounts you want to go for )

 Pay The N500 To Any Of These Accounts : 

                              1. Bank – Zenith Bank

                              Account Name – Oluwaseun Aladesiun

                              Account Number – 2083298701


                              2. Bank – GTBank 

                              Account Name – Oluwaseun.C.Aladesiun

                              Account Number – 0113128414.


     You Can Pay Using : 

 Direct Bank Payment

Online / Internet Transfer

Mobile Transfer

ATM Transfer


 What To Do Next Is 

Fill & Submit The Payment Details & Registration Details Submission Form Below

( The Registration Details you submitted will be used to register you on 400NairaClub )

Your Name :*
Your Username & Password : *
Your E-mail :*
Phone Or Mobile Number : *
State & Country : *
Your Bank Details : *
Your Bank Account Type : *
Amount Paid & Teller Number : *
Account Paid Into : *
Sponsor / Upline : *
Type The Characters You See Here :

* Indicates Required Fields

The Moment we receive your Payment and Registration Details, we will get you registered, activated and start working for your earnings.

You will hear from us to let you know your registration is completed. 


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Phone – 2348107177858 / 2349058250452.


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